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Audio Video Experts Serving Millburn & Short Hills, NJ

We are one of the premier Local A/V & Networking experts with years of experience serving homes and business in Millburn and Short Hills, NJ. We consider ourselves lucky to have worked with fantastic Millburn and Short Hills-area clients like Bein Law.  Our local clients praise us for our reliability of our service, saying that "It has been working flawlessly for several years now" and that they would "highly recommend [ITS] for your next project."  Please click below or on the above services in our menu bar to learn more.  

We have a wide range of audio/video capabilities in the Millburn and Short Hills area, and have worked on past projects including: 

New Jersey Custom Installation Smart Home

What We Do

For our Millburn and Short Hills clients, we also focus on integrating technology into the home to help make life simpler and more streamlined.  Ask us about our home theaters and TV install projects.  To really take your home to the next level, we'd love to talk to you about how a Savant home automation system can make everything easier, from lighting and entertainment to security and climate control. Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation!  We look forward to talking to you about audio/video solutions for your home or business.

TV Install

TV Installs

Learn more about our TV installation services

Home Theater in New Providence, NJ

Home Theaters

Learn more about our Home Theaters

Savant Automation

Savant Automation

Learn how Savant Automation can streamline your home

Millburn and Short Hills Client Reviews

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Bein Law

Millburn, NJ

Jason wired our old building and did PC & Network support for us, when it was time to grow into a much bigger office building we used him to do the build out of all the computers, phones, TV etc. It has been working flawlessly for several years now. He was also able to set up a more advanced infrastructure where we can have separate offices on their own network but share internet connections. I would highly recommend him for your next commercial project.

- Mitchell C. Beinhaker, Esq.

Melissa A.

Short Hills, NJ

When we moved into our new home we called Jason and his team to mount up 6 TV and a hook up a projector.   They came in on short notice and did a remarkable job.  Every was Clean and looked Great.  We called them back 2 weeks later because the projector didn't look good and we had wifi issues, they where back the next day witha new projector and WOW what a difference within a matter of hours they had the new projector up, reprogrammed the system so I could use it and fixed the wifi issues along with several other small tasks we had them do.  This company is amazing and now on my speed dial.

Sara A.

Short Hills, NJ

When renovating our home Jason and his team came in and installed a great home theater and music system. They worked with the builder and gave us many more options then we initially had we are very happy with the quality of the system installed and enjoy it almost every day. 

John R.

Short Hills, NJ

We had a great diagnosis of our phone line issue and good customer service. After the initial repair, we experienced another issue and he came late in the evening after his long day of work to resolve the issue without additional charge. Thank you for your work!

Mike A.

Short Hills, NJ

We decided to move from the city and remodeled a house in Short hills a friend recommended ITS so we called them.  It was one of the best things we did not only did they advise us on things we never though of they where able to bring our house into the next century and add conveniences we never though of.   When friends come over they are always impressed with the sound quality and the simple touchscreens.  I also feel comfortable the house is now future proof!  We would of missed out on all this if we had not called this great team!

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Whatever your needs are,  Audio, Video, Computers, wiring, we do it all! We are in the Millburn / Short Hills area and we look forward to hearing from you and providing advice on how we can help make your life better.

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We've been making life easier for our clients for over two decades by integrating technology into their homes and businesses.  Based in New Providence, we serve the surrounding communities of Berkeley Heights, Summit, Chatham, Millburn, Short Hills and more.


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