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Home Automation


Home automation is the technology that makes your home experience more relaxing and less complicated. A home automated system links and controls the electronics in your home through one user-friendly interface. These interfaces will help you control lighting, music, televisions, security and even your HVAC system to make your life as simple as possible. You can also program your system to have certain things happen during the day like turning lights on or off when the kids go to school, opening shades, adjusting the temperature when you’re away or just before you arrive at home. Each system we install is custom programmed to your needs, and with solutions like a Savant home automation system, everything is integrated for control from a single remote, or an app on any device. It is a simple and practical solution to control everything in your home.


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Home Automation does all this, and more:

  • Save valuable money and time by automating every day tasks

  • Reduce household accidents while increasing safety

  • Manage your home theater just like the pros

  • Turn off all the TVs and lights in the house, or arm security, with the press of a button

  • Get alerted that you left the garage open, and close it on the spot

  • Manage your lights, window coverings and thermostats to help reduce your energy bills

  • Monitor your door locks, lights and security cameras for extra peace of mind

  • Stream music from iTunes library right from your computer into every room

  • Choose music from nearly 5 million high quality tracks offered by Pandora, Spotify and more in any room of the house


Save Energy and Money

Lighting can be at different levels depending upon the time of day. For example, if you wake up at 6:00am, the lights can come on at 35% to ease your sleepy eyes and compliment the outside sunlight. An outside motion dedicator can turn on a 90% light at night as you approach your house and then turn the light off.

As you leave for the weekend, you change your security system into away mode via remote control. Your lights and music turn off, blinds close, and perhaps forced-air heat is set back – from one click of a button. Your home efficiency goes up and utility bills go down!

Your Smart Home Means Safety and Convenience

Remote monitoring can be triggered when a smoke detector senses a fire or heat condition. All lights begin to blink to indicate a possible emergency and the system places a call to the local fire department. You receive an email when the furnace or water heater is in need of repair.

Skylights automatically close in response to rain or wind.  If upstairs windows are open, you receive a message alert. If the wind speed increases to beyond 50 mph, protective shutters can be automatically activated over the windows.

Your Home, Your Custom Ambiance

Home automation systems can be preset for different scenes. An entertainment scene would have the lights set to the entertain preset. The security system is turned off, the music plays from a preset play list, and the HVAC is adjusted a few degrees to compensate for the added body heat from several guests in the house.  Or, for a night at home, a movie preset can turn on your home theater system and adjust the lights and sound accordingly.

While driving home from a ski trip, you use your phone to ensure your hot tub is warmed up and ready for a relaxing soak as soon as you arrive.

From saving money to safety to lifestyle, home automation can add value to your home and your life!


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