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Whole House Audio


A well-planned home has a wide mix of design features to add ambiance to your living space. These features include furniture, appliances, lighting, temperature control systems, and many other items. Yet, there is a home feature, which is frequently overlooked – sound.  This has become mainstream and people look for it when buying a house- we install it in most of the spec houses.  



Benefits of Whole House Audio:

  • Set the mood: whether it is a relaxing date night, or just some pleasant noise around to cheer up the day or a party, great sounding music is a must
  • People in your house have different music tastes and you can vary the music in each room
  • At parties or gatherings, music is evenly distributed throughout the house
  • When watching a sporting event, the sound may be everywhere instead of one room
  • Choose different volume levels for each room
  • Add equity value to your home

Surprisingly Affordable

If you are building a new house or renovating an existing one, you can conceal speakers and wires in your walls and ceilings. This wired approach is best for those homeowners who want the system to be thoroughly embedded into their home and have even distribution of sound.

Today’s wireless systems are quite popular. Installation and setup can occur in a short time frame. There are no bulky receivers, and with some systems you easily carry a wireless speaker from one room to the next. And, most importantly, the entire system goes with you when you move.

Types of Systems and Quality

There are wireless in that the pieces communicate either through a proprietary wireless signal or over your Wi-Fi. 

Some are compressed which has a musical impact, some can send the data uncompressed which is the preferred way for optimal quality.  Yet some have to be wired this avoids all the issues with wireless and compression.  A system has to be designed to what you feel is a good quality of music for you.  The system also has to match, speaker quality should match, component quality, speaker wire gauge and quality etc. The system will only sound as good as it’s lowest common part.

Last but not least, Speaker placement is critical, should you use 2 speakers or 4 or more in a room, where should they go for proper diffusion and quality.  This depends largely on the brand of speaker and it’s tonal charter. 

There are many systems and pros and cons to each Give us a ring to help you decide what fits your needs the best for now and the future.

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