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Terms & Conditions


  • Estimates are valid for 30 days.
  • Estimates are just that an estimate, actual cost may vary and will be determined at end of phase or job, if customer or representative is not present at job site best efforts will be made to contact them. If substantially different job may be stopped to obtain approval. 
  • Labor Time, Material etc. are estimated based on what we can see at the time. If these items are not correct or unsuspected complications arise there may be an adjustment at the end of the job.
  • Parts like TV and other electronics we do our best to honor all prices on estimates. However, until deposit is received and part ordered parts are subject to change when manufacture changes price, stops or starts sales, rebates etc.  Customer will be made aware of any price changes before part is ordered.      
  • Estimate is only valid as a whole.
  • If Customer supplies or substitutes parts of there own estimate is no longer valid.
  • All supplied materials and services must be on site, at the location to be installed at and active or activated at time work is to be performed, delays or multiple trips are billable at standard labor rates.  ITS is not responsible for compatibility, performance or condition of such parts. Parts should be tested ahead of time and customer should have pic confirming condition before handed to ITS.
  • All customer supply parts will be billed on insulation of time and material only unless otherwise stated.
  • Estimates are not to be broken up into parts or multiple trips unless it is a specified a multi day job.  Estimate is only valid as a whole.

Standard Labor Rates:

  •  $150 per man hour, Jr Tech/Helper $85 per man hour
  • All Service Calls, 1 hour Min charge
  • Emergency (less than 24 Hours notice) and off hour Service calls may incur additional fee usually $125 surcharge per incident.
  • Jobs further than 30 min or with tolls, travel fees apply.


  • 30 Days on workmanship only for service calls.
  • 1 year parts and labor for Large Jobs, example: whole house wiring, Networking, note contract will indicate this.
  • 30 Days consumer products, examples: TV with original box, Ring, Ubiquity, Nest etc sold by ITS.
  • Parts not supplies by ITS are not warrantied through us for labor or materials.
  • Note Manufacture warrantee if shorter than ITS warrantee will Defaults to manufactures warrantee period.

Parts and/or materials not supplied by ITS:  ITS is not responsible for performance, compatibility or condition of parts or materials not supplied by ITS, including any malfunction, defects, or warranties applicable thereto. All materials should be inspected before handed to ITS and documented. All supplied or substituted parts for installation will be billed on a time and materials basis at the normal labor rate. This includes set up, training, install, integration, repair, warranty issues and any research needed to make the part integrate into the system. If the part does not work as expected, it is up to the parts supplier to determine compatibility unless expressly specified in this contract that ITS agrees it will work. If additional parts are needed to make a third-party part to work ITS will notify the customer of the cost if substantial before continuing the install. ITS is not responsible for any delays caused by such parts.  If it needs to be wired or set up a preferred way installers must be made aware in writing before install.

Installation of such parts must be on site and ready to be installed at time of install any time delays waiting for such parts or rescheduling is chargeable.  If parts do not work and they need to be uninstalled/reinstalled that time is chargeable at our normal rate.

Acceptable Substitutions: Contractor reserves the right to substitute comparable materials or materials that may work better for the job without affecting the Net Sum of the Contract Price.  If any part is substantially more customer will be made aware before it is put in.

Rework:  For any reason is billable, this includes having to move any part once mounted in place.  If specific high or location is preferred Installers must be made aware before install.

Scheduling:   We typically schedule about 1-2 weeks out.  Changes in schedule require 48 hours’ notice.  Time spent waiting at a job to gain access or missed appointment may be billable.

Payment:: All balances must be paid by date of insulation unless otherwise noted. Amounts due that are unpaid 15 days after receipt of invoice shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or $50.00, whichever is higher.

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