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Where to Mount Your TV

Where Should I Mount My TV?

As the holidays wrap up and new televisions and home theater systems come in (just in time for Super Bowl viewing), the early months of the year are often a time to consider how to integrate your home with audio & video. One of the first questions people have when they bring new equipment home is where in their home to install it. We’ve mounted countless televisions over the years, and specialize in doing it the right way.  Some of the factors you’ll want to consider prior to TV mounting are:

  • Where does your family currently tend to most frequently gather?
  • What available wall space do you have?
  • Do you want a multi-use space or a dedicated media space?
  • Do you need the television on a swivel mount?
  • Does it need to be carefully integrated with the existing decor?

Examples of TV Mounting and Installation

We’ve tackled all of these questions and more.  One of the most popular places for TV mounting is over your fireplace, since it’s already the central gathering area for many families, and makes great use of wall space that is often underutilized.  Here is a before and after picture of one of our fireplace TV installations:

TV mounted on fireplace (before) TV mounted on fireplace (after)


We’re also often called on to install televisions in a creative way that integrates the system with unique existing decor.  Here are a couple of examples of unique installations we’ve completed:

Classic interior decor TV mounting Unique interior decor televisions installation

The requests we get are all over the map.  Whatever you want to do, we’ll find a way to make it happen or give an alternative suggestion.  Maybe you need a swivel mount for maximum flexibility; perhaps a whole panel of TVs for your office or building.  Or maybe you just need a clean, secure, standard install linked to a soundbar for your living room or bedroom.  Whatever it is, we can help!

Bedroom television mounted on wall Swivel TV mount Commercial TV Mounting and installation


Serving Communities Across New Jersey

We provide TV installation and mounting for communities across New Jersey, including New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Summit, Millburn/Short Hills, Chatham and more.  See our full TV installation gallery for more photos of our work.


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